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Business Analysis Partner

We’re an energetic and passionate bunch, with tons of experience having worked on some of the most complex and tricky stuff out there. We can provide additional expertise to help you achieve your transformation and delivery objectives.

We partner with organisations to provide innovative and experienced business analysts, to help you with your delivery commitments and aspirations. Regardless of whether it’s Agile, Wagile, Waterfall or anything else.

  • All with the support of the Herd Consulting family, to bounce ideas and canvas different approaches.
  • We’ve built and led some of the biggest practices in the land, so have high standards of any new members who join the Herd.
  • We are specialists in business change and digital delivery.
  • Between us we have experience working across most sectors and verticals including Central Govt, Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, Automotive, and eCommerce/Retail.
  • We’re experienced pragmatists, who are guided by best practice, but not led by it.
  • We work on small projects, products and services of all sizes, and large transformation programmes.

We’re always up for a natter. Whether you’re clear on what you’re looking for, or just want to chat through some ideas and explore if we can help – drop us a message via our Contact Us page.

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