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Business Analysis Delivery Partner

Do you need to flex up your business analyst team? Too many projects and not enough skilled BAs to deliver them? Do you have a gap in skills in certain areas? Do you need interim support whilst you backfill?
Whatever your need maybe, we can help you flex up your capacity & capability with our highly specialist consultant BAs. They’re lovely people, not resources.

We support most flavours of delivery. Operating nationally across the UK, our team has a broad range of skills & expertise.

  • All with the support of the Herd family, to bounce ideas and canvas different approaches.
  • Cover Junior BA, Business Analyst, Senior BA, Principal/Lead BA, and Head of Business Analysis levels.
  • Remote, Hybrid, or full time on-site.
  • We’ve built and led some of the biggest practices in the land, so have high standards of any new members who join the Herd.
  • Between us we have experience working across numerous sectors and verticals including Central Government, Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, Automotive, and eCommerce.
  • We’re experienced pragmatists, who are guided by best practice, but not constrained by it.
  • We work on projects, products and services of all sizes, from small short engagements through to large transformation programmes.

We’re not your normal business analyst delivery partner. Here’s what makes us different:

We’re specialists.

In one thing. Business analysis is our business.

Yep, business analysis is our business. We’re a highly specialist team who have worked on the some of the biggest & most complex stuff out there.

Power of the Herd.

Every engagement is backed up by the collective expertise of our team.

Our Herd is where expertise gathers. We’ve an active internal community of practice, as well as a daily huddle where our team can canvas advice & recommendations from other professionals.

We ❤️ communities.

We actively contribute to client communities.

We believe in the positive impact of communities of practice. So we’re always up for running a session, or sharing our experiences and latest BA research.

Understand the need.

We work with you to determine the right skills & experience needed.

We work with you to understand the skills & experience you need for each project. And we know our SFIA from our DDaT.

Long term partners.

We’re guided by building long lasting relationships.

We don’t just want to be a ‘resource’ provider. We’re here to build long term partnerships built on trust, integrity, and expertise.

Research led.

We commission research into the future of business analysis.

We’re actively involved in researching & developing an ‘AI Playbook for BAs’ with our friends at BA BLOCKS. We’ve designed & built our own CoP health check service. And we’ve commissioned our own Business Analyst v2.0 study.

Our leaders are BAs.

Our founder & leadership team are all highly experienced BAs.

We’ve lead complex programmes. We’ve built & headed up BA practices of 20-300 in size. We’ve lived & breathed business analysis for over 60 years between us.

You’re invited.

Exclusive invites to business analysis leader events & webinars.

Who doesn’t want to be part of an exclusive club of fellow BA leaders, unlimited chocolate hobnobs, and the occasional vino. Oh, and really insightful BA talk.

Cool laptop stickers.

We’re all about promoting business analysis. And elephants.

Yep, they’re low-tack & easily removable. Just in case you needed to know.

We know business analysts love a question, so we’ve included a few in our mini Q&A below. Or alternatively feel free to get in touch.

What levels of business analyst can we provide?

We’re able to provide the following levels of business analyst through our BA delivery partner model:

  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst (mid-weight)
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Lead/ Principal Business Analyst
  • Head of Business Analysis (or equivalent)
Can we provide business analysts aligned to SFIA or DDaT levels?

Short answer, is yes! We know the frameworks well from having built and led large BA practices in Central Government. Our founder also co-led the development of the latest Business Analyst DDaT framework on GOV.UK.

The below SFIA Levels are based on SFIA Version 8. Equivalent DDaT levels are based on the Business Analyst DDaT framework available on GOV.UK.

These extend to the following job roles/professions: Business Analyst, Product Analyst, and Technical Analyst.

SFIA LevelEquivalent Herd LevelEquivalent DDaT Level
Level 1 – FollowN/AN/A
Level 2 – AssistN/AN/A
Level 3 – ApplyJunior Consultant BAJunior Business Analyst
Level 4 – EnableConsultant BABusiness Analyst
Level 5 – Ensure, adviseSenior Consultant BASenior Business Analyst
Level 6 – Initiate, influencePrincipal Consultant BALead Business Analyst
Level 7 – Set strategy, inspire, mobiliseN/AN/A
Where do we operate geographically?

We operate across the whole of the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) and have also previously worked with clients based in the Channel Islands. For remote (or mainly remote engagements), we would be open to be working with clients based across Europe. Beyond Europe, time zone differences may prove tricky.

We’re located in Sheffield, however our team live and work across the whole country.

Can we provide business analysts for hybrid/ remote/ in-person engagements?

Most of our clients tend generally prefer hybrid or remote engagements and to ultimately mirror how their other teams work. As a business we also find that this allows us to attract, recruit, and retain talented professionals from all over the country.

If you require a permanent on-site business analysis service, then we’d be happy to have a conversation and explore how that could work.

What clients do we work with?

We’re not ones to brag in Yorkshire, but we’re really chuffed that we continue to be trusted by some of the world’s leading global universities, Central Govt departments, and FTSE100 companies, all over the UK and further afield.

We also work in SC environments with many of the team holding SC clearance.

What public sector supplier frameworks are we on?

We’re on the vast majority of public sector supplier frameworks, either directly as Herd It Consulting Limited, or indirectly via one our partners.

Directly, we’re on:

Through our delivery partners, we can also provide services via:

What is our rate card and pricing?

Our rate card is categorised by proficiency level, specifically:

  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst (mid-weight)
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Lead/ Principal Business Analyst
  • Head of Business Analysis (or equivalent)

Rates may vary slightly by engagement, based on the amount of travel that is required and/or the length of engagement. Head to our contact us section to arrange an initial conversation.

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