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We’re really chuffed to announce our new partnership with BA BLOCKS, and our joint collaboration around The AI Playbook for Business Analysts.

This is the start of an exciting new research and publication initiative between Herd Consulting and BA BLOCKS, exploring how business analysts can practically use and deploy AI effectively in our day to day roles. Initially focussed around using ChatGPT and Copilot technologies. The Playbook will be released incrementally as we complete different research rounds.

You can find out more around our research roadmap and current findings, as well as our 6 step usage pattern by heading to Whilst there, you can also submit a request for a specific area you would like us to research into.

BA BLOCKS are a highly regarded business analysis virtual learning provider based in North America that operate globally, as well as running an active online community of over 4000+ members. Their team have over 43 years combined BA delivery experience, and use that their expertise to grow the careers of the next generation of business analysts.

Herd Consulting are a specialist business analysis consultancy based in the UK. We’ve worked on some of the largest and most complex stuff out there, spanning multiple sectors including financial services, telecoms, and central government. Individually we’ve built, lead, and grown some of the most recognised BA practices in the UK. We also help organisations do business analysis, whether that be through delivery of major business and digital transformation, through to helping them to mature their internal practices and develop the next generation of BAs through our Talent Herd academy. 

To learn more about BA BLOCKS, contact Emal

To learn more about Herd Consulting, contact Jamie

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