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Talent Herds

2 year recruit, train, deploy academy designed by industry leaders
We build skills & CoNFIDENCE, not just knowledge

Growing your talent pipeline of BAs & Product folk

Talent Herd is our 2-year ‘recruit-train-and-deploy’ academy that develops your future business analyst and product manager talent. We do the hiring, people management, and most importantly provide a ‘learning-by-doing’ academy, designed by industry leaders. Our Talent Herds are different to norm, they’re centred around highly-experienced practitioner-coaches, embedded full-time as part of the cohort on the client side; helping the trainees effectively put learning into practice whilst building confidence and skills.

Benefits of our Service

Provides a sustainable talent pipeline, without the hassle
Associates are developed by experienced practitioners, not just trainers
Trainees incentivised through recognised achievements and reward, no early-exit fees
Centred around building reusable skills and confidence, not just knowledge
Assured development by former Heads of Professions from Central Govt
Embedded expert coach & practitioner delivers more effective associates in delivery
Taking pressure off stretched client-teams. Finds opportunities to put learning-into-practice
DDaT ready-associates: academy has UCD and GDS Service Standards built-in
Trainees acquire industry recognised certifications along the way
Got a Question?

Answers to some common questions we get asked…

Either get in touch via the site, or feel free to reach out to Jamie Toyne, our Founder or Scott Colfer, Director of Product over LinkedIn.

Head over to our Frameworks area in the first instance, here you can find all of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks we’re on, as well as numerous others.

Check out our Frameworks area, here you can find all of the procurement frameworks we’re currently on. Alternatively get in touch if you want to chat through or discuss other options.

Yes, definitely. Our Talent Herds are based on best practice, and applies to all sectors and industries. Including Higher Education, Financial Services, Local Authorities, Insurance, Retail/eCommerce, and everything else in-between!

Yes, absolutely! Get in touch and we can discuss your needs, and the options in more detail.

Yes, it’s possible to split cohorts over 2 organisations. Get in touch and we can discuss in more detail. Main thing to consider is that the academy needs to start on the same date for both organisations.

Unfortunately not, each academy is designed around the specific profession. Whilst some elements maybe similar or the same (e.g. Storytelling), most of it differs.

Case Studies (coming soon)
Experts, built on experience

BCS Authors, Former Heads of Profession, Academy builders. That’s our team.