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Our Founder and Managing Director, Jamie Toyne, along with BT’s Tammy Kennedy recently spoke at BABoss in Leeds. Organised by our friends at Corecom, it was well attended by BA and Change Leaders from across the Leeds region.

In the event they spoke about:

  • What is a BA Service?
  • Why your practice needs one
  • Issues from not having a clearly defined BA Service offer
  • Recommendations and practical next steps for developing your own BA Service

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a really engaged and energetic group. The brilliant folks at Corecom have uploaded a photo gallery from the event too.

Supporting information:

Jamie has a wealth of experience in Business Analysis (BA). He recently founded Herd Consulting and most recently worked as a consultant Head of BA at Ministry of Justice Digital & Technology leading a BA practice of 50+ members. Prior to this he was Head of BA at DWP Digital where he developed and grew an already established digital BA community of practice, into now one of the largest and most active in the country with around 300 members. He has established a collaboratively defined BA Service into the Ministry of Justice, as well as launching the BA Apprenticeship into both DWP and soon to be MOJ. Jamie is passionate about how business analysis can help organisations to deliver better outcomes for their users. He has worked in digital and technology for over 15 years, with much of that time in business analysis.

Tammy is a seasoned Digital professional with more than 25 years’ experience across various sectors including retail, not for profit, logistics and most recently telecommunications. For the past six years she has been at BT developing and building a high functioning BA community of practice within Consumer Digital. Tammy is also highly committed to helping others to realise their goals and ambitions in the digital community in the Yorkshire region, working with schools and colleges to provide insights and encourage students into careers in technology. She is also a keen advocate of Women in Technology.

BABoss is an award-winning networking event for leaders in Business Analysis, hosted by Gemma Febrero – Contract Business Analysis Consultant and James Geeson – Delivery Consultant at Corecom Consulting. Those interested in attending the event can complete the registration form to receive their formal invitation.

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