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In the UK, we’re fortunate to be home to some of the world’s leading universities. The role they play in our society, as well as our national economy is hugely significant. So, it’s no surprise to see that universities are investing heavily in digital & technology transformation. They need to satisfy the high expectations of students they’re trying to attract, by engaging them through highly interactive and easy to use digital services, whilst balancing their cost base in an ever more expensive world, seeking out ways to reduce their operational costs, and still being able to facilitate world leading research.

Whether it’s designing and delivering digital services, replacing legacy tech with cheaper and easier to run systems, or developing applications that support cutting edge research initiatives (to name just a few) there is one thing they all have in common – business analysts are usually at the heart of the change. What they bring to the table cannot usually be described in a few words, or at least not in a way that does it justice – so, we won’t try to! Instead check out our visual below to give you an idea:

“Universities have many different departments and stakeholders, and sometimes a huge amount of history.  Business analysis is key to understanding this complexity, providing clarity for stakeholders to make better decisions, and ultimately delivering improved services for staff and students.”
Carys Hayler, Business Analysis Team Lead, University of Cambridge

At Herd, we’ve recently started working with our third university client. Each one is a truly fascinating place, with a common mission that unites them: To make the world a better place. It’s a mission that I would also say many of the best BAs share. Fortunately for universities, some of the best BAs out there work in them and to give you an idea of the variety of business analysis that happens day in, day out, we’re going to share a few of the recent projects and services we’ve worked on, or are currently working on:

Yep, more variety than chucking a box of Miniature Heroes and Quality Street together – just without the strawberry creams that we’re confident no-one likes! But it’s this variety which is something that most of us as professionals enjoy – using our BA know-how in different settings, to deliver impactful change for organisations and their users. Incrementally things like new digital onboarding services, job boards that attract the best talent, and systems that reduce admin burden all help to improve society too. They allow lecturers and students to focus on learning and developing the next gen of doctors, scientists, teachers, and technologists. They also free up time and funding for great people to undertake cutting edge research into things like beating cancer, improving the effectiveness of battery technology, or looking at more sustainable ways to feed the world. Business analysis enables all of this.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the University of Cambridge for a number of months now working on a variety of pieces of work ranging from discoveries and business capability mapping all the way through to working with BAs in assessing their team community and helping develop it further. It’s a great place to work with a friendly, open, and supportive culture and I’ve enjoyed it immensely so far.”
Rich Harrison, Principal Consultant, Herd Consulting

That’s why we love working with universities. That’s why we love being a specialist business analysis consultancy. And that’s why we enjoy being an engaged and enthusiastic delivery partner to them.

“Through a mix of hands-on business analysis, individual coaching, and team workshops, Herd are helping our BA team to understand our strengths and make plans to improve our service.  Working with Herd is a great opportunity for us to learn from down to earth, experienced Business Analysts.”
Carys Hayler, Business Analysis Team Lead, University of Cambridge

If anyone fancies a brew and a natter to discuss how we can help you improve the outcomes for your university, with our range of business analysis services, drop us a message. We’ve got posh coffee (Darkwoods) and Chocolate Hobnobs. Maybe even a few of those leftover Quality Street strawberry creams.

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🖊️ Authored by: Jamie Toyne, Founder & CEO at Herd Consulting

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