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Business Analysts… we’re looking to grow the Herd 🐘

Herd Consulting is a small but growing, specialist business analysis consultancy. We’re looking for experienced BAs who have rockstar credentials 🤘🏻 and love what they do! You don’t need to be a guitar master, or possess the swagger of Jagger.

You can get a better idea of what we’re looking for, by checking out our recent blog: What do business analysts and rockstars have in common?

And like all rockstars, we’re looking for those who don’t mind going on tour to our client sites, or visiting our Herd HQ in Sheffield 🚍 Hybrid is the norm, and frequency will vary from album to album. You can usually expect a minimum of 2-3 days a week in the recording studio (or back bedroom, or wherever else you usually work from home).

💬 Wanna chat to find out more? Send us an e-mail to, or drop us a DM via social media to arrange a call or catch-up over a can of Red Stripe 🍻 (most likely just a brew, and at a push a flapjack)

Boring stuff: No agencies at this time please, our label won’t be happy. 🇬🇧 based only with necessary RTW etc. Business analytics ain’t business analysis.

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